2024 Lunar Lanterns

ACTS 2024 Installation_Mobile_ - Lunar Lanterns

Lunar Lanterns FEB. 2 – FEB. 29, 2024VARLEY ART GALLERY OF MARKHAM Lanterns are a major tradition of Asian festivals. Their warm glow lights up the last of winter, allowing us to look forward to a new year of bright things. Our Lunar Lanterns bridges this tradition with the local communities here in the Greater … Read more

2023 Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

ACTS 2023 Featured Event - Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights

Lunar Lanterns of Indigenous Lights –Imagination Ignites JAN. 14 – FEB. 28, 2023VARLEY ART GALLERY OF MARKHAM As another spring arrives, like rabbits we come out of our burrows to meet with each other and celebrate the joy of life. This year, join us in the Year to Imagine! Family can take on different forms. … Read more